Joining the GraphQL Foundation: How Novvum has Grown with the Help of GraphQL

Andriana Angelevska

Andriana Angelevska

March 13 • 1 Min Read

In early 2015, Novvum was created and it’s founders, Raj & Rohit, quickly found themselves needing to find better methods to effectively communicate data between server and client for their customers. That was right around the time GraphQL first arrived to open source. So, when Rohit first came across an article about GraphQL and showed it to Raj, their reaction went a little like this: 🤯🤯🤯 . They felt like GraphQL would give them superpowers and enable them to move much more quickly.

From there, Novvum began experimenting with how the technology works on personal projects using Relay, GraphQLjs, and React. Since then, Novvum has contributed to and worked alongside some of the biggest names within the GraphQL community like Scaphold (now AppSync), Prisma, and Apollo. All projects at Novvum were migrated to GraphQL and it became the go-to API for new projects.

Having seen the benefits of GraphQL first hand, Novvum then shifted it’s focus to helping other teams benefit from learning about the technology. Through meetups, consulting workshops, surveys, and various blogs, Novvum has done its best to teach others about GraphQL. On the development end, the Novvum team has contributed to open source projects that make GraphQL easier to use for developers and allow them to improve the speed and experience of their API development.

GraphQL has had a great part in helping Novvum become what it is today and for that reason, we are very proud to be able to say that we are now a member of the GraphQL Foundation. There are a lot of exciting things happening over at the GraphQL Foundation that you can read about here. We look forward to what we can do for the community now that we have joined and are excited about what the future holds for GraphQL!