Introducing 36 GraphQL Concepts 🎉

Kelsey Yim

Kelsey Yim

March 14 • 1 Min Read

Our team at Novvum is excited to share that we’ve compiled a list of the best articles and videos for learning the 36 most important concepts of GraphQL. As a student, I realized it’s difficult to be a beginner developer and distinguish what resources were accurate and actually provided value to my learning.

Our team wanted to make it easier for newcomers to understand GraphQL, so we put together a list of helpful tutorials, examples, and articles explaining low-level and high-level concepts.

Check it out below!

Github Repo:

If you have any interesting and useful resources you’d like to add, feel free to make a pull request on our repository. We’d love to collaborate and create a reliable source of information for new or advanced developers.

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