#FullStackRecap: Building a Tech Community in Orange County

Andriana Angelevska

Andriana Angelevska

January 14 • 1 Min Read

At Novvum we are always on the look out for opportunities to learn something new. But sometimes we like to create those opportunities on our own. This is why we decided to develop our very own FullStack Cafe!

FullStack Cafe is a meetup group that happens twice a month.We hope to build a tight-knit tech community here in Orange County where we can share our knowledge and learn from each other. As developers and technology consultants, our team wants to tackle what it means to be the leaders as developers; discussing tools and best practices amongst other things.

In our first meeting last week, we discussed learning pathways; touching on both frontend and backend languages, frameworks and more. We look forward to growing this community with future meetings and want to personally invite anyone that is interested to join us on December 14th.