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The recent collaboration between The Linux Foundation and Lottie to create an open standard for high performance web animations highlights the power of open source software (OSS) to drive innovation through collaboration.

As the founder of a software agency that relies heavily on OSS like Odoo, React, GraphQL, and Lottie, I have seen firsthand how open source can elevate business practices.

OSS offers a conscious approach to software development that creates value for society in the following ways:

Fosters Innovation and Progress

With OSS, the code is openly available for anyone to use, modify, and enhance. This allows for rapid innovation as developers all over the world can build on each other's work. For example, our developers have contributed to open source projects like GraphQL to help advance its capabilities.

Promotes Knowledge Sharing

The OSS community freely shares information to solve problems faster. There is no proprietary code or secret sauce - just a common goal to create better software. This mindset has led to powerful collaborations like the one between the Linux Foundation and Lottie.

Provides Accessibility

OSS levels the playing field by making high-quality software accessible even to organizations with limited resources. Startups can build on open source platforms like Odoo to create ecommerce sites and apps at a fraction of the cost of proprietary alternatives.

Drives Social Responsibility

Contributing to OSS is like volunteering for a cause bigger than oneself. Developers give their time and expertise to create public goods that benefit society. The outcomes can be game-changing, like open source medical equipment or education software.

At Novvum, we are committed to integrating open source software because we believe it represents the future of ethical and conscious technology development. The collaborative spirit of open source moves us from an era of closed, proprietary systems to one of openness, accessibility, and democratization of software.

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