Accelerate Time-to-Market with Composable Solutions


Software product and marketing teams are able to move at a tremendous pace today thanks to the composable architecture.

By selecting best-of-breed solutions and integrating them via APIs, companies can quickly release new features while focusing engineering efforts on what makes their product unique.

Stripe is a prime example of the power of composability.

Their Payment Element allows businesses to easily accept payments by providing a pre-built UI with input validation, error handling, and support for 40+ payment methods.

Integrating Stripe's Payment Element has driven real results - businesses saw a 10.5% increase in revenue on average.

By leveraging Stripe's expertise in payments, companies can dedicate resources to other core differentiators.

Some key benefits we're seeing with composable architecture:

  • Faster time-to-market by using pre-built, specialized solutions
  • Ability to choose the optimal tools for each capability
  • Solutions are battle-tested and follow best practices in their domains

By assembling modular components, businesses can adapt quickly, exceed customer expectations, and drive growth.

Stay tuned for a list of Saas solutions for product, marketing and E-commerce teams to accelerate your time to market.

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