Building fine aesthetics, recall value, affinity and loyalty for your brand through compelling design, content and branding services


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Novvum Design

We devise strategies and create designs which can enhance the brand's overall performance and build a lasting impression.

Better brand affinity

Strong loyalty

High recall value

Great aesthetic experience

Emotional quotient

From branding to design and to creating content, we ensure the look and feel of the brand is successfully established

Our services

UIUX Design

We design websites and applications which can enhance the brand’s overall performance and build a strong affinity.


We help in creating an identity and positioning for brands to offer high impact recall value.

Content Creation & Animation

We conceptualize and create content in various interesting formats from posters to posts to reels, which can enhance the brand's messaging and positioning.

Strategy & Consulting

We help sketch content and creative strategy which can help brands to implement smart marketing roadmap.

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